Analysis of Productivity using The Marvin E.Mundel Method

Fitri, Meldia and Yenni, Zefr (2022) Analysis of Productivity using The Marvin E.Mundel Method. Jurnal Teknologi, 12. pp. 1-7. ISSN 2301-4474 (Submitted)

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AbstractThis study addressed themeasurementof total productivity and the measurement ofproductivity for every input with the use of the method of Marvin E. Mundel. Then give the proposal on how the method enhancement productivity. The case study choseninvolved a companyin bread production in the urban area inthe City of Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. These results prove the total productivity of the companytends abnormal, with the highest total production in March of 3.28% and the lowest total productivity in May was -6,07%. For results measurement productivity on input,thevalue is on income employee highest productivity in December was 15, 56%, and the lowest productivity in March amounted to -3,78%. Energy’shighestproductivity in April was 11.48%, and the lowest productivity in May amounted to -13,08%. Raw ingredients' highest productivity in April was 11.23%, and the lowest productivity in May amounted to -7,28%. Depreciationcost’shighest productivity in August was 29.96%, and otherwise, the lowest productivity in May amounted to -79,46%. Transportation's highest productivity in December is by 15,56% as well as otherwise the lowest productivity in April amounted to -3,78%. And for enhancement of productivity with method give a proposal on each input. The conclusion from the productivity measurement on the companytends to be notstable. Productivity on value energy, raw materials, and costs depreciation experience a very significant decrease so that the need enhancement productivity with a suggestion foreach input. Keywords:Analysis,Productivity, Marvin E. Mundel Method,Salaries, Cost.

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