Analysis for Gerund Entity Anomalies in Data Modeling

Suryani, Des and Arta, Yudhi and Erdisna, Erdisna (2019) Analysis for Gerund Entity Anomalies in Data Modeling. In: In Procedings of The Second International Conference on Science, Enginering and Technology.


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Data is the most important component of an information system development. Collected data that will be used in future needs should be kept well to make it easy to inquire. The data stored in a database consists of several groups of data relations. These relations should be connected through fields which are unique to the relations linked. In designing database itself, it is very important to note how data is organized and stored to minimize data redundancy. The tools used in depiction of the relationship between tables or entities are Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) that can have one to one, one to many and many to many relationships. Gerund entity will be formed if the relationship between the entities is many to many. However, the new entity is still a possible anomaly. The reanalysis is needed to be free of anomalies. Gerund entity that still has an anomaly will form a new entity again, which in this case referred to as a sub gerund entity which is a derivative of a gerund entity. The result of a good database design or free of anomalies will increase the optimization of memory usage, consistency and integrity of data. Keywords: Anomaly, Data Redundancy, Data Inconsistency, Gerund Entity, Entity Relationship Diagram.

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