Similarity: Robotic Technology for Figural Creativity Enhancement: Case Study on Elementary School

Hendrik, Billy and Ali, Mohamad Nazlena and Nayan, Norshita Mat (2023) Similarity: Robotic Technology for Figural Creativity Enhancement: Case Study on Elementary School. International Journal of Advence and Application Science. (Submitted)

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Robotic technology is a field that is in great demand today and it is very useful to human life, especially in the aspect of education. It would help students to be more active in the learning process. Creativity can be stimulating with the use of robotic technology. One kind of creativity is Figural Creativity (FC). This study investigated the effect of Robotic Technology as a learning tool to improve the FC skills of students. Forty (40) elementary school students aged 10-11 years, were the participants in this study. Students' creativity skills were measured from the Figural Creativity Test (TKF). This test was carried out before the intervention (pre-test) and after the intervention program (post-test). In the intervention program, students were given some education about robotic technology. To analyze the test results, we made use of the Statistical Service Products and Solutions package. The findings showed that the level of creativity in students with the K13 curriculum improved better, the FC scores of students in K-13 Curriculum were improved up to 23% with sig. 2-tailed = .000, p<.05 and the FC scores of the KTSP curriculum only improved only by 1.7 % with sig.2-tailed value = .572, p>.05. Thus, robotic technology learning is more effective in improving the FC of students with the K13 curriculum. Based on the result, we make a recommendation to the Ministry of Education that robotic technology is applied as an educational tool in the educational sectors. Keywords—Robotic technology; figural creativity; curriculum; TKF; education; KTSP; K-13

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