Implementation of the Affine Segmentation Point Method and Image Blending Techniques in Creating New Songket Motifs

Ramadhanu, Agung and Na'am, Jufriadif and Nurcahyo, Gunadi Widi and Yuhandri, Yuhandri (2022) Implementation of the Affine Segmentation Point Method and Image Blending Techniques in Creating New Songket Motifs. 9th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics (EECSI2022).


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In this study, we made two new Songket Silungkang motifs and then tested them, then we combined two new Songket motifs. The purpose of this research is to create a new Songket motif twice and then tested then combine the two Songket motifs to create a newer Songket motif. The method we use to create a new Songket motif is a modification of the Affine method which we named the Affine Segmentation Point (ASP) method twice to create two new Silungkang Songkets. Then, we tested the two new motifs using the histogram method to test whether the motifs did not lose their original characteristics of the motifs. Furthermore, we combined the two motifs (blending) using the image blending technique method to get a newer motif with the aim of creating a more modern and aesthetic Songket Silungkang motif. We also made a computer application using the Matlab programming language for the implementation of the findings of this study. The result of this research is researchers can get new Songket motifs that are more modern and aesthetic by combining Songket motifs that have been reconstructed from the previous affine segmentation point (ASP) method. The important point of this study is how researchers can produce a user-friendly system for operating the Songket motif reconstruction system and the incorporation of Songket motifs so that the users of this system include Songket craftsmen, Songket artists, and Songket observers.

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